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JANUARY 31, 2019



Institute of Design and Art

-Let’s take a quick look.

IDA was formed with experienced teachers and actual NIFT Alumni.

Design School Aspirants gets the best possible guidance with us.IDA ensures every student’s success. We make students succeed in National level  Design Institutes. We make students succeed in best colleges like NID, NIFT, PEARL, UID, CHITKARA, MIT, IIT MUMBAI and lot more. IDA take the bottom line, in order to help every student realize their potential. Our faculties focus on the basics. We proceed to advanced topics, once the basics are strong.

IDA holds a proven track record of 97% success in Bhubaneswar. Our successful careers in Design and Arts Industry have led us to believe that every student is different. Every student doesn’t succeed through the same academic method so to us, every student is unique. We provide carefully designed individual attention. We use proven classroom techniques and practical sessions. In order to ensure success for each one of them, we take special care. The faculties are friendly and interactive with students. They make sure they hold regular classroom sessions, unlike other institutes. IDA also extends the class hours, in order to provide personal attention to each student.IDA has 24×7 on-call guidance. During the exam preparation, we provide all the time doubt clearing sessions.

Being experienced in this field helps us to provide proper counselling to each of our students. Best institutes like PEARL, UID, Chitkara hold regular workshops. It keeps our students motivated, in order to keep preparing for success. IDA make s well informed about design careers.

Let us take a  tour of the Design Colleges.


NIFT is the pioneering institute of fashion education in INDIA.

NIFT provides professional training for the fashion industry. Apart from this  NIFT is also working as a knowledge provider to the Union and State governments in order to work in the area of design development and positioning of handlooms and handicrafts.


The National Intelligence Department, also known as the National Institute of Defense and commonly abbreviated to simply NID, is a civilian branch of the United States Government.

Design Coaching is a form of development in which a trainer supports a learner in achieving a specific or professional design goal by providing systematic training and guidance. The learner is provided with every detail. The relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance regarding the design field.  Focusing on specific design tasks or objectives, as opposed to more general goals is necessary because it provides overall development to a budding designer.


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