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  NID Entrance Test Syllabus

National Institute of Design

NID Entrance Test Syllabus Outline for beginners.  

  • Color Terminology Inspiration & Design Development.
  • Mood, theme & color inter - relationship Design Theory Elements & Principles of Design. Naturals & Geometrical Form.
  • Innovation in Design.
  • Principles of Composition.
  • Lettering.
  • Optical Illusion.
  • Understanding Light & Shade.
  • Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions.
  • Form & Function.
  • Colour, Pattern & Texture Theme Development.
  • Creative Thinking & Writing.
  • Picture Analysis.
  • Visual Logic Good Design Vs Bad Design.
  • Drawing Fundamentals Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions.
  • Optical Illusion.
  • Foreshortening & Perspective.
  • Developing Themes & Colour Associations.
  • Inspiration & Creativity.
  • Omaments & motifs.
  • Memory Drawing Usage of Color in Compositions.
  • Expression & Emotion Exercises on Imagination.
  • Lateral Thinking.
  • Story pictures.
  • Presentation Techniques.
  • Imagination & Doodling.
  • 3D Visualization. Graphics & Pictograms.
  • Innovation & Creation Design Awareness.
  • Developing Observation NID Studio Test Model Making Doodling Meeting with past successful students.
  • How to evolve ideas. Audio - Visual Exercises Material Manipulation Creative Thinking.

The National Institute of Design does not prescribe the syllabus for the NID exam officially.  However, by analyzing previous year's papers, our experts from the IDA team have provided important topics that need to be studied for the examination. 

Your preparations can have a better direction with the knowledge of the NID Entrance Test Syllabus 2023 and the marks allotted for each section. 

Even without emphasizing much, you understand the importance of solving sample papers, the same goes for the syllabus. 

The preparation process is further made simpler if you know what to focus on to crack the exams with excellent scores.