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UCEED / CEED Live Online Course (Full Time /Crash Course) 2021-22


  • IDA is conducting Live Online FULL TIME & CRASH COURSE classes for UCEED and CEED entrance exams.
  • This course is designed for students who cannot attend the classroom coaching due to the present pandemic situation.
  • This course will complete the entire curriculum of exam which include Design Aptitude Test & General Aptitude Test including Drawing Ability , Conceptual Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning and General Knowledge.

Live Online Classroom Coaching for 2021-2022 session will include.
Live Online Classes by Experts.
Study material in printed or PDF formats.

Features of IDA LIVE Classes:

  1. Live lectures by expert faculties from CEED ,NIFT , IIT and FINE ARTS background.
  2. Live Drawing Demo classes by faculty.
  3. Live classes will cover Design Aptitude test & General Ability preparation that is needed for CEED UCEED ENTRANCE EXAM.
  4. Live Feedback by faculties on every work.
  5. Regular class and home assignments.
  6. Chapter wise Doubt clearing live sessions.
  7. Weekly online tests.
  8. Monthly Online Live feedback of student’s work in parent-teacher meetings.

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(CEED UCEED Online Live Classroom Coaching for 1 year)

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Contact On - +91 8617053442
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Course Duration and Features

Weekend Course:
        Duration: 6 months | 1 year (or till exam date)
        Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
        Class Duration: 8 hours weekly (6 hours Creative Ability Test + 2 hours General Ability Test)

NID, NIFT, UCEED Live Online Classes 2020-2021

PART–1 (1st Round of The Exam) Bases On NIFT NID

Written Exam: Design Aptitude test + General Ability Test

Design Aptitude Test / Creative Ability Test | 84 hours Live online classes
        Drawing and Design
        Conceptual Development
        Basics of Drawing
        Development of Skills
        Strategic time Management

General Aptitude Test | 75 hours Live online classess
        Mathematics | 40 hours
        Reasoning | 20 hours
        English | 15 hours
        General Knowledge and Current Affairs | 10 hours
        Class Test & Doubt solving | 65 hours

Mock Test Papers and Previous Original Papers Solving and Discussion (Before Exam)


Course Contents:

Drawing Aptitude Test | Drawing skills | Rendering Skills | Visual and Spatial Ability | Observation and Design Sensitivity | Approaches to solving Drawing Aptitude
Problems | General Ability Test –Analytical ability, Quantitative Ability, General Knowledge and Current Affairs | Solving of Original previous years papers | Presentation skills | Time Management | feedback session and lots more.
Details of Course Content for NID/ NIFT/ UCEED/ CEED Exam

Design Aptitude Test | Creative Ability Test 

  1. Basic Drawing
  2. Introduction to Design
  3. Eod/Pod
  4. Pencil Handling
  5. Light And Shade
  6. Learning Basic Shapes
  7. Human Anatomy
  8. Facial Gestures
  9. Pictorial Representation
  10. Comparative Study
  11. Perspective Study
  12. Metamorphosis
  13. Thematic Design
  14. Conceptual Development
  15. Learning Form Derivation
  16. Relative Proportion Study
  17. Human Expressions
  18. Design Methodology
  19. Illustrative Representation
  20. Advertisement Design

General Ability Test



Analytical Ability

General Knowledge & Current Affairs


Previous Years Papers/ Mock Rest Papers

  1. Solving of Previous Years Original Papers and Mock Test Papers.

Benefits of Studying at IDA

IDA provides professional guidance from NIFT NID faculties to ensure the student’s development from every perspective. The student’s here are provided with regular classes from professionals .The creative and general ability classes are conducted but NIFT / NID / IIT alumni experts.  

Every student enrolled gets regular doubt clearing sessions which are organised by professionals and experts .

Students qualified for NID DAT Mains, NIFT Situation test and other design colleges can attend preparation Classes for studio test and situation test and portfolio development classes at IDA centre.